polygamy in michigan

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polygamy in michigan

Is there anyone in michigan here? Looking for single females or someone that can help my wife and I find somewhere we can go in the lansing area to meet other polygamist groups.

Looking for same


My wife and I live in Lansing and are looking for community as well

I cannot even find any


I cannot even find any "poly-accepting" churches in my area. I search online a lot. This is the best site I have found in months.

not surprised


Another good webpage is Biblical Families.org

Once you look around there you'll understand the geographic fellowship areas.



I am in Michigan, I cannot find any groups myself. I am in the grand rapids/holland area. I am wanting to be a sister wife, I am new to this as well. I am very serious and very discreet. I am not looking for a sexual encounter. Please look at my profile and we can go from there.

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Michigan sister wife.


Hi there my wife and I are in Grand Rapids as well and we are new to the idea, but though adding another wife to our family would be the way to go for us. I am just reaching out after seeing you post. You can respond if you like.


Jackson_Couple My husband



My husband and I are also from Michigan. We are new to this also!


Greetings from michigan


Wife and I are also from michigan, flint area and no not the "bad" part.....lol. We are seeking a sister wife although since we are quite a bit east of where it is more common we are having a time finding anyone. We are open and loving couple....a little older then some at 48 and 47 but open to pretty much all ages and open to children already here or having more if thats what the "new" wife would want. We would also like to find others in our situation.

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From Mount Clemens, MI


My Husband & I are from Mount Clemens MI. Havent had any luck in finding any groups, churches or people who are polygamist supporters or churches who are supporters either. If anyone is within the surrounding area and has resources, please feel free to contact me at my email. @ caylakaminski5@gmail.com. We really want to embrace this biblical lifestyle and to be able to expand our family and grow together as we all should. The many blessings. That come from this life choice is so amazing and so if again if anyone knows of any resources or information for our are please let me know. Thank you so very much


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I wonder if there are any groups in the Lansing area? Perhaps any families meeting together?

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