New Jersey anyone?

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New Jersey anyone?

I've been interested in poly for a little over two years now. Have met some fantastic people along the way, some that I could definately have lived without knowing they existed and everyone in between. I've met people from all over the country, but never spoke to anyone from NJ, oh wait, I'm wrong, a couple of days ago I met a single girl on the chat from NJ as well. But are there any couples from NJ that are poly?? What gives??

Center of polygamy


Good evening :) What gives? I don't think NJ is large center for polygamy. That said, you are correct, i don't remember seeing many couples from NJ. Utah, Arizona, Idaho, Nevada and yes, Texas, some in California, a few up by the Great Lakes - but NJ? Hmmmm. Anyone??

By the way - Welcome Aboard!


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NJ center of polygamy


Thank you, but I'm still hopeful. I love NJ! Though I could do without the cold..

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Are you a woman interested in taking multiple men or vise verse?


Polygamy, either men have multiple women, or women have multiple men, should be avoided:
My view is religious or not, Money and power talk.

My parent's generation under communist in China, Both men and women work and
they are given equal salary, no matter what. So at that time, when everybody are equally poor, the choice of spouse is MUTUAL based on age, personality, intelligence. The age difference between a couple are mostly 2 or 3 years. very very Few > 5 years.?

Now China is changing to Capitalist, women have less promotion chances without regulation due to
the child birth/rear (My sister in law said she failed some interviews because she was married without child,the companies were not willing to pay "possible" 4 months leaves perscribed by government but come out from company)
The age difference became big if men had money or power, could be 10 to 20 years. That is because
one way selection with property/power factors kicks in.? It certainly became less pure, based less on MUTUAL affection.
So I fully believe if the system is based on money, women should be given equal education, work
chance and power to achieve true equality.

There are 2 successors of Muhammad were father in laws of Prophet Muhammad, (Abu Bakr, Umar IBN Al-Khattab)both are younger than their son in law, You can imagine how these men "sell" their daughters to an old? man to exchange political favor/power

The only official female emperor of China, when she was power, she had several young lovers. (No official male concubine ranking system given to these lovers though). Same as Empress of Russia, She had several lovers too. The youngest one is 30+ younger than her.

All over the world, Muslim or not, rich, powerful men have young? wives, mistress.
While men on the bottom could not find wife. To be fair, we should avoid polygamy.

well, I think I can say


This site is about plural marriage. Plural marriage HERE is not about money per se.

Read more here and learn more about what this site is about. You will find it enlightening.

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We're from NJ! I know you posted this awhile ago but, if you're still lurking around, we'd love to chat. =)

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My wife and I live in Hightstown NJ


We would love to chat

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