Looking for a few Great Girls

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Looking for a few Great Girls

I am looking to start my family of like minded girls and would love to know the best online places to look. I also would like any insight on the family dynamic anyone may have. Thanks for the help.


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If you find that pot of gold


Please share it with me because I've not found it online in 17 years but have gotten close to my dreams a few times in person. I hear the end of a rainbow is a good place to start

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Pluto8 , Aryan-pedi


It is VERY Obvious that the OP. Did NOT ask YOU to Share his Potential Wife / Wives . Lol
He was Very clear and Kind about his Hope. I hope he Found It very Quickly that would be Great for him and his Family !
Just Re-read the OP's Post Again and Still , You are not what he is Looking for lol