I am searching for wife number 3 to be the one.

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I am searching for wife number 3 to be the one.

Hello, I am a local minister looking for wife number 3. I believe that this is right. And looking to make my family complete. I strongly believe that it should be a regualar law that we can marry more than one wife at a time throughout the United States. I preach that love should between two or more and if God thought it was wrong then he would tell us.

If you  believe me please check out our church website at http://churchofeternalhope.page.tl

I been a polygamist for the last 20 plus years. And I follow the Old Testament. God allowed polygamy and I strongly believe that The United States should as well.

One dollars bills its says "In God We Trust." And they follow that so why not follow our group. If you believe that this should be legal please write to our local Legislation or Congress.

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