How to Seek Out a Second Wife

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How to Seek Out a Second Wife

My husband and I are not religious, but interested in taking in a second wife. We aren't looking for a girlfriend or "just for fun," or a sexual partner for both of us. We are only interested in a WIFE, a person who can have the same kind of relationship with my husband that I do. The problem is that we live in Pennsylvania, and it seems to us that no one else in the area is interested in plural marriage. How do we go about finding a second wife in an area where that is unheard of or frowned upon? Thanks in advance for any feedback.

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The best way to find a wife is to keep living life. Do what you like to do.  Whatever your passion is.....keep doing it.  Eventually single ladies will come along and you or your wife become friends.  After being friends for a while and you believe it might be a fit, you bring up the idea somehow.  That is your best bet.  Or you can try a total stranger over the internet, a style of blind marriage.

Yep that's my phrase! 

Can you imagine meeting a lady for the first time and saying lets get married? Its alot of pressure for everyone!  Oh sweetie, by the way, I'm married. 

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I am working on a show about couples and families that are in your exact situation! We are looking for people like you who are in the process of looking for a sister wife. Would you be open to discussing? We are only looking at plural marriages in the traditional sense and normalizing the lifestyle.