How to Seek Out a Second Wife

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How to Seek Out a Second Wife

My husband and I are not religious, but interested in taking in a second wife. We aren't looking for a girlfriend or "just for fun," or a sexual partner for both of us. We are only interested in a WIFE, a person who can have the same kind of relationship with my husband that I do. The problem is that we live in Pennsylvania, and it seems to us that no one else in the area is interested in plural marriage. How do we go about finding a second wife in an area where that is unheard of or frowned upon? Thanks in advance for any feedback.

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The best way to find a wife is to keep living life. Do what you like to do.  Whatever your passion is.....keep doing it.  Eventually single ladies will come along and you or your wife become friends.  After being friends for a while and you believe it might be a fit, you bring up the idea somehow.  That is your best bet.  Or you can try a total stranger over the internet, a style of blind marriage.

Yep that's my phrase! 

Can you imagine meeting a lady for the first time and saying lets get married? Its alot of pressure for everyone!  Oh sweetie, by the way, I'm married. 

Hope it helps.







I am working on a show about couples and families that are in your exact situation! We are looking for people like you who are in the process of looking for a sister wife. Would you be open to discussing? We are only looking at plural marriages in the traditional sense and normalizing the lifestyle. 


Hello to a Pennsylvania Newbie



I am relatively new to the forum as well and actually will be moving to Pennyslvania very soon (tomorrow in fact) to be with my new family. I am from New york and am spending my weeks in Pennsylvania and back to New York on the Weekends until I am fully packed and ready to move at the end of the month.  My family and I just recently met at the end of May but have hit it off quite wonderfully overall so far.  I am moving to a very small town just over the border in PA so can understand how judgemental people can be.  We are still not sure how to address who I am publically yet, especially since we are still new to this, and I am not yet "wife number 2". 

This lifestyle is something I never imagined for myself, and I have only had a history of monogomous relationships so all of this is so very new to me.  I have told my family and although they are supportive they were shocked at first.  I have only told two of my friends though because I am afraid of losing my friends because most are very conservative in view points and most will not understand.  My potential sisterwife has shared with a few of her friends and they seem okay with it and her parents are okay with it as well.  

It is also very new to my new family.  The idea was actually that of my new sisterwife and not the husband.  After being married for 20 years, she approached him with the idea last year and she had to sell it to him and they have been searching every since.  They found me when one of my ex boyfriends actually posted a personal ad for me (I almost wanted to kill him after I found out!) and the husband was one of the replies to that ad.  My ex passed a long potential suitors in my direction and threw his in just because my ex knew that I was non-judgemental and open-minded.  I started talking to the husband and then he and the wife and then I went out and met the entire family.  They really enjoyed having me there and I would go back to see them as often as I could and now, I'm moving there soon to start this adventure full-time! Don't give up on your search because you may never know where your sister wife may be.  I never imagined this lifestyle for myself and it is a HUGE adjustment that is going to turn my life completely upside down but one I'm willing to make because I seem to fit so well with my family.  I wish the same for you, and am certain you will find your sisterwife- hopefully my new family thinks the wait was worth it to them too! 

Good luck in your search and feel free to private message me if you would like to talk to another soon to be Pennsylvanian if only to discuss the lifestyle and acceptance in the state or just to talk about the lifestyle in general.