How many wives?

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How many wives?

After signing up relatively recently for this website and having the chance to talk with a few people I thought it would be interesting to find out who has the most wives and how they make the relationship work. I know Muslims say four wives but I have never heard of a limit within other religions. Looking forward to hear how many wives every one has and how many they think is enough.

The vast majority


On this site have 1 wife. Noble has more than 1 wife and another man on here has either taken a second wife or is about too. Plus someone else posted he has 2 wives but the rest have been searching for a few years to find a second wife.

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frankly I would think that is a question that one does not ask. or at least in a public forum like this. Just because one man may have a wife and would like another or another man has 20 wives. it all comes down to trust and communication. every body has needs and wants. If in any relationship you can trust your partner(s) to speak the truth so that you can do your best to met that need then that is all that matters.

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Data mining


By anti poly activists (yes they are here) causes most real poly families to avoid answering this type of intrusive question

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