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Is there anyone out there that has had a hard time finding someone ? For almost a four Year's we have been looking for a sister wife , all we ever seem to find is a dead end . We have a happy family and lots of love to share . We are not wealthy nor do we have a big house . God has blessed us with three wonderful kid . I am not bi , just want a sister for life that can be my best friend . If there is any one out there that can share with me there thoughts about this please do so . Thank you .



Some people have spent15 plus years searching to no avail. Wish I could say it will get better but I can't.

"I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ."

Hi from Australia


It seems to me that the pool is small in relation to those of us that are seeking. I beleive that this is due to the fact that polygamy has been condemed by Christendom and thus most see it as worse than immoral. However if a man wants to have an affair without commitment, that seems to be common place. We are like yourselves, not weathly but family rich and would like to share what we have. I have decieded to just seek friendship at this time and if the heart becomes involved then the possibilty is there to expand our family. Our other commitment is to try and help others to see that polygamy is a legitimate form of marraige and within God's standards. In the mean time keep looking, keep your hearts soft toward others, gold is only found if one is looking and anthing worth having takes both time and effort.

From a personal perspective, its nice to know your family is there.


C Reppond


the answer for the difficulty in finding a willing and suitable second wife is simple....

cultural programming.

from their point of view "Why should i share a husband?"

and of course in saying this, they are stating that they can't see the big picture of what life is about...'to get past the Self.

you can't blame them for doing what they have been taught to do over many generations.