Casting for a documentary series on CNN

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Casting for a documentary series on CNN

The documentary television series that explores unique American experiences through personal profiles and intimate storytelling on CNN, is currently researching an hour about modern love -polygamy dating and multiple marriages that occur outside of the Mormon community. 

In this hour-long episode, we hope to explore the evolving world of polygamy dating in America by following, in a documentary style, a few people involved in this type of modern arrangement.  With an ever-expanding sense of tolerance and experimentation in the realm of love and family, the idea of a married couple as “one husband one wife” is now almost old school. We are happy to refrain from using exact locations or last names, or even change the names altogether to make you more comfortable. This is a great opportunity to shed light on an often-stigmatized form of marriage in America. We are also open to more than traditional polygamy and want to meet the range of people who visit this site.  Whatever your experience is, we want to hear your story!

This program will probably not air until next fall and would only be a few (3-5) days of filming.  

UNSURE? Talk to us to find out more!  We would be happy to answer your questions and concerns. Please contact