Optimist and Disappointment

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Optimist and Disappointment

I have been reading through all the post of various topics and I have noticed a theme. In fact it was discussed a bit in the chatroom as well and that is single women that are not sincere and honest in their commentment to finding an appropriate family to join. I find that so disappointing.
I know that couples on this site seem to be in a good deal of frustration on not finding the "one". But I have to be optimistic and hope that people won't give up, have faith, be open to meeting someone and that we will all fulfill what we collectively believe is a life that we want to lead. Just be careful.
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yes i have seen this to be


yes i have seen this to be there are so many people looking to add more to their home and family and have seen some singles ask for emails and such i know i have sent out many and not gotten things back at all it hurts to have people play games on people i just dont know why they do it at all if the reason is they have found a family they please have some respect and just say so it will not hurt people to be honest i just dont get it they say thing like i know this is how my life is needing to be i my self am looking for my fsw but also just friends and get to know their feeling and ways of dealing is all if i can get all the info i can use it to work well for me i have talked to a great few people on here and to tell you all i know what i want from my life the only reason i dont use the chat is i have trubles reading the words as they are small and i cant blow them up to read friends and family i think is what everyone is looking for...

hoping all have a great weekend and pray it is a safe one on that too..