Feeling Duped

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Feeling Duped

I guess I deserve to post this here. I am came here because I truly wanted to find friendship and a safe place to talk about polygamy. Instead I found bickering over religion, attacking others, and most of all tons of people making assumptions of why I should be here. Yes, I am a single woman, but not every single woman wants to talk or marry the first person they speak too. There is no respect for space, boundaries, or limits. I know I have no control of the behavior of others, but I do have control over me. I have been here a few weeks and was PMed by someone asking me why I didn't like a specific person. An assumption was made when it was me a new member trying to get to know others. I was nervous, and I wasn't sure what to say to others, and I am also a very private person. I would think that would be respected. That perhaps I didn't want to speak to a man after I was told...I would be getting tons of PMs from them. Maybe that was it. Maybe it was the way the person spoke to me. So I ended up emailing someone sorry. When of course...I didn't feel the way others stated I did. So I took some space, my life is plenty busy and I didn't want to misjudge anyone. I come back and feel like I have been shunned. I know there are many fakes, but one should not judge others solely based on what they FEEL or THINK a person is. They should OBSERVE without judgement, thoughts, or feelings...take people for who they are..no matter what.

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Sorry to hear about your


Sorry to hear about your experiences here.I'm a newbie too,and although I understand where you are coming from,please try not to take things here too seriously,to heart,as it were.I think the net makes a lot of ppl braver than in real life,and we all like to shout too much at times: ).So hang in there;I'm sure most people more than happy to see you here,whatever you're looking for.

I'm sorry u feel that way...


I'm agree we should not stand in judgment, nor should we assume based on our feelings. I've found for my self and my family this comes with some intense emotions. I've my self have never let my self be lead by my emotions. I do not frequent the chat rooms I'm not looking for a family I have one, we are looking for another wife. Although I do feel a conecion to this community. We been looking for several years and have found it to be frustrating, but we believe it's what God wants for us. Hang in there put your efforts twords things that are going to bear fruit. Blessing Greg

Unfortunately this place is


Unfortunately this place is diverse and we have a lot of different personalities here. You are not obligated to reply to anyone or respond to their requests. There is a warning about this happening when you register I personally wrote. The chat also has features to help you not deal with people you do not wish to deal with (ignore).

If you feel like you have been harassed, write me an email explaining who and why and I will deal with it.


Hope your experiences here improve.

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It can be tough


It can be tough to find what you were seeking. Anytime you get so many factions in one place there is going to be disputes and in fighting. However, know that some of us are as you more interested in the conversation than all the endless debates and infighting

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