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4thefamily.us statement and clarification

I feel compelled at this time to restate the intent and purpose of this site. 4thefamily is a community. It is a place to discuss the subject of Polygyny (closed relationship). Some have come here with the intent of finding a new partner through this site. While it is a possibility that people can meet through a community such as this, it is not the intended purpose of the site. If that is your intent here, you will most likely be disappointed. 4thefamily is not a dating site.

Also, 4thefamily remains open to those who wish to discuss polygyny and all of its ramifications, blessings, curses, successes, failures, celebrations, ups, downs, etc...
That means there will be a wide spectrum of opinion and thought regarding polygyny as it relates to each individual here.

That said, if there is any abuse or infraction of the stated guidelines/terms & conditions of the site, please let a moderator know so we can keep the spirit of this community on track.


Take Good Care


Most people who take the time to come to our site have a desire to learn and express opinions. We are to love people where they are, not where we want them to be.

I commend people who have a desire to learn and live this. I don't condemn them for not doing it the way my family chose to live this some 30 years ago.

Harsh comments made in the heat of some perceived slight should be held and thought about for awhile before quickly put to paper - or this case type. We are all on a different path and none of us truly knows the others path.

Be kind. Exercise caution. We are all tender inside at some point and to run over each other seems like a self defeating behavior. Everyone here has some interest in plural marriage. It may not be your interest but it should be a common thread that ties us together not drives us apart.