how not to approach a single woman (ever)!

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Thank you for the welcome. Yes, I very much like to travel and have lived all over the US for work and fun. I currently live in TX and am moving to GA in a couple weeks for work. I spent my 20's going to school, and pursuing a corporate career. My 20's were wonderful and I really enjoyed them. The past few years, I have switched gears, work full time as a nanny, and volunteer most of my free time with veterans. I'm just doing my thing and looking for the right couple for me!

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Out west


Ever make it out west to Utah and surrounding area?

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I'd love to visit the northwest. I have heard particularly wonderful things about Oregon and Washington, there are definitely on my list of places to visit.



Hi Cassam84.  I'm a single gal too.  But just was reading over this crazy thread and wanted to comment on your last post.  It may not be the same person you were speaking with before.  Correct me if i'm wrong...but it could be possible someone else took over his name once "Serena" was removed.  So it could be someone on here who knows of your convo's with him, but has wanted to continue the back and forth.  Only the admin would know.  He can check ip addresses. 

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He got booted?


Interesting. Been a while since I have been by and I guess I missed that.

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Why I won't post in public forums...


As I read through this exchange it only reinforced my stance against making declarations in public forums

(the irony in my commenting here is not lost on me!). I am new here and have hopes this site may be an avenue to find the "sister wives" I been looking for. In a way this is me saying hello, perhaps wrong place but with a specific purpose.

I will always (try to) choose a direct contact message rather than a post to a forum because I prefer direct person to person contact over a "cat call", "group" setting... A position based on my personal beliefs over herd or "flavor-of-the month" mentality. (some things should just be kept private)

Sorry for the rambling...

If I contact you it will always be with humble sincerity and respect. If you are not interested in further contact there will be no hard feelings, thank you for your time and good day!

I reserve the right to post in a (rare) public forum on the outside chance it serve to accomplish my goals! ;-)

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