When People Tell You ....

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When People Tell You ....

"You're going to hell" You hand them the Word, and say "Prove It ?"

The problem for them is they can't, not unless they do a lot of twisting and turning, taking scripture out of context, or not interpreting words correctly. As a former pastor (Mennonite) i can say that most ppl who sat under my teaching, never bother to look, much less study their Bible 2 Timothy 2:15, preferring to be spoon fed by a minister, who could say anything and often regurgitating man made dogma's.
By the time i reached Bible school and seminary, I realized a lot of church teachings were wrong, mostly to keep the money rolling in, and keep ppl in line. While i got excommunicated for my trouble in telling congregations the truth of God's Word, I have no problem justifying real biblical Christianity with Polyamory, which i believe the Word of God teaches and approves of.
For the Christian who truly desires to study what God has to say about Poly relationships, here are 3 links:

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Correct terminology is important


Polyamory can mean any assortment of multiple females and males and is utterly condemned in scripture. The correct term is polygyny, being defined as one man with more than one wife or concubine

This site uses the also incorrect term polygamy, but it nails the biblical truths of the issue. However mere truth means little to the deluded, who are legion today


If you don't stand for something you'll fall for anything

Psalm 144:1  Blessed be Yahweh my strength, which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight

in the beginning was the word


The word, polygamy is used CORRECTLY on this site, albeit there are those that seem to thrive on finding such discrepencies.

polygamy is greek ,and absurdly technically and etymologically speaking, means 'multiple marriage' or 'multiple unions'.

BUT in my greek Lexicon (Donevon 1839, 180,456 entries and 1430pgs), it DOES say that 'polygamia' (of course transliterated from the greek characters!) is DEFINED as...drum roll.... " a plurality of wives" or " the state of having contracted many successive marriages"

now...as to polygyny ...

again, absurdly technically and etymologically speaking, means...'multiple gynes' :) ok, more explicative, it means 'multiple women'.

BUT the gk Lex has this , it says.. polygynaios or polygynais or polygynes as " one who has many wives".

so whether you use the technical version or the 'generally used' version...the term polygamy is actually MORE correct because it connotes MARRIAGE...while polygyny does not!! far out , huh?

and no, Fran, I'm not drinking...but i'm warming up to the idea ...lol

aren't etymologies are fun!

as far as biblical 'truth'?? say that again?

let's see, there's over 10,000 different divisions of Christianity alone and how many thousands of other judeo or even islamic splinter groups...each with a DISTINCT interpretation of the 'biblical truth' so they can each have their PRIVATE and VERY SPECIAL congregation and belief . ...(and argue a hell of a lot about nothing)


biblical truth? when you get that one nailed down, let me know.

1--Polygamy is for those that choose it.....wow. that is as deep as it gets, huh?
2--How people should live polygamy is how they choose to live it...another deep one...sorry...no biblical truth to back those up. ..i think they stand alone.

i guess those two absolutes kinda take the steam out of the 10,000 religious arguments on the matter?

polyamoury- yah i like that spelling


interesting point there about polyamoury. ..although I am guessing that you are referring to one man with multiple women?

in any case, there are many biblical accounts of men (men approved of by 'HVH) that had sexual relations with many women..,,,many of which were not their actual wives. ...

go figure.

i would say that it is actually very simple. Men with good DNA are not condemned by 'HVH for spreading their seed while taking care of their offspring. ....( I am guessing that responsible parenthood followed?)...

modern marriage is a strange concept anyway...anyone with half a brain has to acknowledge that it is quite ridiculous that marriage is currently judged as a couple that possesses a document created by a state govt that grants them permission to live together and have sex? LOL ......

simply put: If a man is going to impregnate a woman, it is his moral duty to care for the woman and their child for the rest of their lives. ...this has NOTHING to do with 'HVH!

do i believe in God? no. I simply say God LIVES. I know this as a reality. He isn't a belief!