Pro-polygamy Bible Commentary

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Pro-polygamy Bible Commentary

New Book Examines Marriage in the Bible
Jay Carper

April 22, 2009 -- Gay marriage and fundamentalist Mormon polygamy are in the news almost daily. Islam is spreading across traditionally Christian lands. Ministers are defrocked for adultery or homosexual liaisons, divorce is rampant, and many people refuse to marry at all due to ever higher financial and social risks. The landscape of marriage and family is changing dramatically.

In A Commentary on Marriage in the Bible, Volume 1: the Torah, Jay Carper returns to the roots of Christianity and Judaism to discover what the Bible actually says about marriage and family. He examines almost every verse that has anything to do with male/female relationships, inheritance, family roles, and marriage traditions. This first volume covers the first five books of the Bible: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. Future volumes will cover the remainder of the Old Testament, the New Testament, and perhaps survey other ancient Judeo-Christian writings.

Although this topic has been covered many times before in many ways, Carper's findings will probably surprise you. He began researching in 1997 in response to a pro-polygamy statement by a Christian writer. Over the course of several more years, Carper fleshed out and transformed his notes into a Bible commentary.

Carper approaches the topic from a generally Messianic Jewish point of view, but members of other Christian and Jewish denominations, Mormons, and even Muslims will find the material useful. However, the reader should not be surprised if he is offended by Carper's unapologetic advocacy of some unpopular ideas. In the introduction, he wrote, "...virtually everyone who picks up this volume will find something with which to disagree intensely, myself included."

Ordering Information: Printed by Third Millenium Publishing, PO Box 14026, Tempe, AZ 85284-0068. ISBN 1-934805-24-6. 322 pages. The cost is $29.85 plus shipping and handling for the paperback edition and $9.85 for the ebook in PDF, PalmPilot, Microsoft Reader, or Amazon Kindle formats. Order at, directly from the author, or on

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This site pretty much covers


This site pretty much covers the issue..