The Search

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The Search

For a long time I and others have chosen to search for spouse(s) that understand the way that we want to live and raise a family. Some say look to your current community to discover a potential spouse others have come to this website and others hoping to meet like minded individuals in the hopes of starting or expanding our family. 

I am no better off then anyone else in my knowledge of how to find that special someone. I feel that during my search that if the good Lord deems me worthy of finding this person then he will provide. Now someone may say that I am lookig at it wrong or that becuase I put to much trust in the Lord. This is fine. Thats your view. But I have made so many mistakes in my life it is high time i put my money where my mouth is so to speak. I am church going man and a firm believer. If the Lord says give me your burdens and I dont then I cant be much of a believer. 

I have seen people on here trying to justify why "poly" relationships should be allowed or even not allowed in some cases. I am just saying for me it is how I want to live my final days on earth and thus I shall. If i find a good woman or two then I do if I dont then I am just here to support those in their search and give glad tidings to those that find love. However, you may find that special someone for you that was your way. I have seen those where the wife found a woman for their husband. I have seen a cheating husband get a woman with child and force her on the other wife. In some instances it worked and others it didnt. I have seen where the couple wanted it and never found any one and I have seen single women come here and never find a family. And of course I have seen a lot of fake women come and go. 

In all things I say be truthful of you wants and desires. Live your life the way you deem is best for you and yours. and may the good Lord bless you in your search.