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One of the interesting discoveries along the road we have journeyed on is the very notion of romance. I have always considered myself a "romantic" but never could reconcile those natural tendencies with the biblical approach to marriage. The bible presents a as more of a business transaction than a romantic adventure. There are arranged marriages (usually parents choosing the mates) and decisions based on circumstances, but rarely if ever is there a "romantic adventure" of "dating" as commonly accepted today. How to reconcile this? My personal thoughts at this point (open to debate of course) is that God never intended marriage to be based on feelings. Emotions of love, affection, caring, attraction, are there primarily to bind people together after the decision to be married. The feelings are the glue that binds, not the reason to bind. The notion of romance before marriage seems wholly unbiblical. It seems based on ancient pagen beliefs of romance, feelings over logic rejection of elder input, personal satisfaction, selfish seeking., etc. Romance before marriage seems to be a replacement for courtship, for decision based on facts. One could call it an ultimately selfish act of placing ones emotions in charge. Don't get me wrong, feelings of love and attraction are beautiful and to be fully enjoyed, know their place. After being married for good reason, these feelings develop between two people and bind their hearts together. Feelings are God's blessing to a marriage, God's plan and gift. So, romance after marriage is a beautiful thing. Romance before marriage, would seem a dangerous anti biblical act. Thoughts?

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