Real possibilities?

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Real possibilities?

So c'mon, what are the real possibilities to me finding an additional wife for our family? 

I am getting kinda discouraged by what I'm seeing on these forums and others like them. It seems like the majority of people I see on these poly sites are jokers only interested in messing around, playing games, or having all sorts of unnatural relationships!

Is there a real possibility for me and my wife to add more to our family, or should we...heck, I don't even know what we should do...


I think a safe attitude is


I think a safe attitude is one of ambivalence. Even among the fundamentalists who have been practicing polygamy for generations, there are plenty of families who remain monogamous. The right fit isn't always within your reach.

However, I do think there are more plural families created out of here than we know. I decided a while ago that one of the ways I can promote the cause is by engaging with like-minded folks and helping out with their search, but at first I disappeared from the site. Poof! My primary interest in it had moved from here to emails to phone calls and text messages and finally to real life, so why did I need to keep logging in?