A new approach to my family and freinds.....

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A new approach to my family and freinds.....

"A new Approach to my family I've adopted as my own" Gregg

I hope that it will be a day filled with pleasant thoughts of those you love.  

For most of us, our relationships are the most powerful and important aspects of our lives.  Our significant other, immediate and extended family and dear friends are the people with whom we share our hearts and lives.

The more honest we are with ourselves, the deeper and more rewarding our relationships will become.  

There is always room to improve the way we relate to others and the best and fastest way to make a meaningful difference in the way you interact is to ask yourself how you might be a better partner, parent, relative and friend.  

The flowers we send at Valentine's day will fade and the chocolates are only yummy for a minute, but the investment of time and focus on a relationship will not only endure, but will encourage more growth and increased intimacy.  

By directing attention on your own role in the relationship and how you might improve your communication, patience and interactions you're taking responsibility and not waiting for someone else to adapt to meet your needs.  We contribute more than we realize and we all tend to fall into patterns that are less than optimal.  Practice humility, gentleness and kindness with the understanding that we are all growing and learning to love each other better every day.  

Give the gift of reflection to your relationships this year and the promise to do your part to approach the relationship with new insight.  

You may not have the ability to change the way anyone else acts or to alter his or her beliefs, but a shift in your perspective will enable you to contribute fresh energy.  Relationships are dynamic, they change as much as the individuals do.  

Leaving the state of your relationships in the stage where they began or reliving patterns that don't make sense based on who and where you are now, doesn't allow for the full potential or vitality of the relationship.

Love needs to grow just as we do.  Nurture your relationships as you continue to make progress towards your goals.  Visualize the way you want your relationships to be and communicate with those you love to make goals together to boost your intimacy.  The time and energy you spend building successful and supportive relationships is an investment in all areas of life.  

Consider adding relationship goals.  Do you need to make some new friends?  What do you need to do to make your relationships more satisfying?  What can you do to build a supportive environment for you and your loved ones to reach their goals and live according to their priorities?  

May it be a year filled with love
                     Gregg :-) pipefitter_chic@yahoo.com