Lost Books of The Bible

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Lost Books of The Bible

Hello does anyone know where I can find copies of the lost books of the bible?

I know at one time it was voted on what would be kept in the bible and what would be taken out. I would like to have copies of the books that were taken out of the bible.

I appreciate the help.


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Lost books


I found some the otherday and they were called the Apocrypha. And if you google them they are on line.



there was ever any kind of authoritative "vote" on the subject.  Not by any organized church, or any persons who could have been presumed to have a knowledge base that would have qualified the selection.

The Roman period Christians had a lot of stuff, writing from the people of the era of early Christianity.  Some was more highly regarded than others, that' all.

It took reformers, Protestants, to utterly reject some of the material, and some was not credible to many people even in the dark ages, particularly as the Protestant Reformation unfolded, so the folks who produced the King James Bible, who made many decisions by "vote" did choose to omit them.

It helped to distingnuish the Church of England from the Catholics a bit, but since the set of Aposrypha indluded in the Latin Vulgate was not studied, or referenced, much, even by Catholics, it was no big deal.

If Mormons want more scriptures to study, they are probably out of luck because it takes a unanimous vote to change or produce anything new anymore.  And don't look for the Apocrypha to be included any time soon.


The books of Jasher and Enoch


The books of Jasher and Enoch are supposedly mentioned in the Bible.