Christian Rights Polygamist Activist

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Christian Rights Polygamist Activist

I'm a Christian in the sense that I follow Christ, however I do not believe in religion, but rather following Christ as a philosophy so as to uphold the New testament writings on what religion ought to be and how we ought to behave. I believe there is monumental evidence to support a Christian Polygamous Marriage relationship and that for congress to make law that go against the laws written by God in Deuteronomy is unconstitutional for how am I appease God when man's law prohibits me from adhering to these laws. I fear that I should abstain from marriage altogether considering the legality of Polygamy, which means that my pursuit of happiness is a mockery, for I will never be happy without a wife and children and in due process multiple wives as their and my rights as far a pleasing the spirit of Yahweh, God, and to follow and promote His Son Jesus Christ, my Lord and King. I intend to ratify laws to allow for the pursuit of a life pleasing to both Christ and God. For the sake of truth let it be known as to the morality of the subject by way of examination and philosophical inquiry.

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I don't know about this one.


I don't know about this one. I guess we are still in the society that thinks it is better to be monogamous. - Brenda Lee Reed