Christian polygamy help!

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Christian polygamy help!

Hi there,

So I wanted to ask advice help with the above subject as this is something my husband has on his heart for a while. When he first tile me I was shocked as living in western society it's just not the done thing!
He agreed to leave the discussion and search until I brought it up again, so he was excited to meet a new wife: wives with my blessing,but then panic set in I feel so confused as I know it's his desire and I now know it's not wrong in gods eyes.
I feel nervous and worry about being jealous does anyone have any input he says he will not force this upon me but something inside me won't let it go, even although I have fears and know its not accepted.

Any advice would be greatly received

Thanks x

confront your fears


I've heard plural wives say, more or less, that the tendency toward jealousy is just part of being a woman, and is a thing to manage and avoid, rather than something to expect to never have to confront. Men have their challenges, women have their challenges; it's okay.

Where it really becomes a problem is when you expect to never have to manage this part of yourself, which is the point of view monogamism takes.

We don't have many good role models for this. So befriending other plural wives however you can will make a lot of difference.



Kind of short on time here but..

Just because you have a feeling does not mean it is something you have to hold close to your chest and nurture it to help it grow. If it is a negative, bad thing, and you know it is not right, ask it to leave. Look for happiness and the blessings. Plural marriage can be one of the greatest gifts on earth or a huge and terrible curse. I've never felt a lot of jealousy in the 30 years I've been a plural wife. Second and subsequent wives already know what they are getting in to and go in with the full thought process. I have seen many first wives struggle with the unknown, and fear of the unknown.

Love is something that is multiplied when given away. If you hold your heart closed and do not let it grow, in love, then yes, jealousy will ruin your marriage and family. Open your heart, give love wings, and let it grow unimpeded by negativity.