2 Chronicles 24 : 1-3

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2 Chronicles 24 : 1-3

I see much made of the idea that polygamy isn't specifically approved by the Bible.  However, it has to be noted that the book of Leviticus has law cited under which polygamy can be entered into.  Additionally, 2 Chronicles 24 : 1 -3 gives a story of a specific king.  The high priest chose 2 wives fo him.  Now if it were not valid under God's law the high priest would have never chose the kings wives.

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Nails the truth to the wall, concerning polygyny. Matthew 25 alone proves that polygyny is not only acceptable to Yahweh (God the Father) but is an integral aspect of His kingdom plan




Psalm 144:1  Blessed be Yahweh my strength, which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight