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    We are being invaded by reality t.v.. Why not do a show about monogamous people seeking a wife?

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    And wreck your happiness!  No thanks, even if this is for real, and there's every possibility it's data mining for whatever nefarious purpose


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    I am working on a show about couples and families that are in your exact situation! We are looking for people like you who are in the process of looking for a sister wife. Would you be open to discussing? We are only looking at plural marriages in the traditional sense and normalizing the lifestyle. 


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    I am working on a new show about families and couples who are actively seeking a sister wife to join their family. I would love to learn more about you and see if you are open or interested in learning more!


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    I don't believe that the answer is in attaching yourself to some group because of a common professed faith. I understand that we all need company and should associate with others who also love God (Hebrews 10; 23-25). Yes people can help to give insight to the scriptures but the problem is that we all have our backgroud and thus our personal beliefs and those things temper our understanding of the scriptures and thus God. I used to be heavily involved in one such group and to be fair I learned a lot at that time. However I found that the truth of the scriptures and thus a relationship with God cannot be about other people but rather must be personal. As an example; if your are in a room with 100 people and you want to get to know just one person, if you ask the other 99 what he is like then you will get 99 different opions and you will possibly know a lot about what others think he is like but you will only know their opinons and possibly them but not the person you seek. So too with God.

    Think of King David in the bible, when he was just a boy he tended his fathers sheep and spent considerable time alone and yet his love of God and indeed his relationship with God was second to none,  Christ himself had a perfect relationship with God but men of God such as Abraham, Jacob, David Giddeon etc were all faithful servants of God and have one clear common link, they never served other gods but rather sought to know and act in harmony with God. 

    This is the approach that I personaly take. 

    First of all seek out Gods name (Exodus 6:3 Psalms 83:18 in any older bible) as you read your bible think of the ways that God has shown that he is seperate and distinct fom other gods such as the Queen of Heaven or the Baal gods. It is interesting to look up Baal in a dictionary for they often show that the term Baal means "Lord". Thus the use of the title "Lord" simply confusses our understanding of the true God.

    Secondly I would ask others what a particular text means if it is not clear but keep in mind that any understanding must keep the entire bible in harmony for truth cannot contradict itself.

    Keep an open mind and don't be taken in by a smooth tounge. For many have come in the name of Christ and yet they do not truly represent him (Mathew 7; 21-23). Spend some time and consider the things around you. Even things like a blade of grass or the beauty of the tiny fingers on the hand of a new born child, a sunset a bird or even just the warmth of the sun and give credit to the one that gave us such things. Allow yourself time to fall in love with God once more, but don't become obsessed with religion. Give him your heart and allow him to guide you as you live your life. 

    Polygamy may or may not be the right course for you, but only you will know that. One thing that will make a huge difference is the man that you become a wife to. If he is a spiritual head then he will set a fine example for both yourself and indeed others.

    Faith is like any another part of us, it must be exercised to grow and conversly if we havent  used it in a while it will lose its strength. 

    The fact is religion has confused our understanding of who God is, and thus many feel just as you have expressed. Just remember God has not changed (Malachi 3:6 James 1:17) nor will he. Its just that religion has made us look in the wrong direction and thus both hidden him from us and led us to serve other gods even if unknowingly and even if we have a honest and sincere heart. Many attempt to place all sorts of restictions and requirments on others due to their personal understanding of scripture and yet Deuteronomy 10;12-17 along with Micah 6;8 shows what God truly wants from us.

    If you were close to him before, you will be again for he has not moved. 

    (nice to have you on this site, hope to chat again)




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    New here as well.......Finding any conversation?


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    I've given Apostle quite a lot of static, really, over some years.  However, some of his recent actions in here would sort of favor the impression that he is "born again".

    If any sincere Bible-believing Christian women would care to give Apostle a good look, I believe they will find a man who is actually pretty much what he professes.

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    I realize that was directed to Adon, but i wanted to say, Garrison, that i really enjoyed what you set forth. At times we disagree, but this time, I am of the same viewpoint in everything you've said.

    Although the content was generally excellent, what impressed me more is 'how' you stated it.