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    in response to finding women. A guy that used to frequent here years ago, 'Neo' became a friend of mine in the real world. He was quite successful in finding women for poly. He is one of those very friendly types, very amiable. He would simply start talking to women wherever he was, like he was single. Get to know them a bit, then start talking poly. He has 3 wives and does pretty well with it.


    my 2.5c


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    Is pretty much the only hope I have, now. At least you can see the game playing, insanity and bad personal behavior first hand, and shut it down without wasting much of your time

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    Plenty Of Fish is aweful. They are not open to the poly life style at all from my experience. Maybe you should try OkCupid

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    Hello! We sent you a private message that details about us and what we are looking for. If we're not what you are seeking then we wish you well on your search for the right family for you.

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    Hey there how's it going? Can't figure out how to send a private message for some reason, maybe you have it disabled? 

    I am 29 and my wife is 27, we have 4 children and have been together since the beginning of high school, we married right after :).

    We're interested in getting to know you!

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    in my experience with being a paralegal, if you choose to divorce and have a written and agreed upon custody and support plan then the judge will adhere to your agreement.  So if you go into it with a,  we are sharing joint custody and we are each equally responsible for the financial, health and welfare of the children and you both agree to those terms that is nine times out of ten how the court will decide.  

    If every detail of the divorce is mutually agreeable then it is just a matter of waiting out the timeline from filing until dissolution.

    Hope this helps

    Bobbie Lynne

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    Some people just have no life and get their jollies trying to hurt innocent people. It's a mad, mad, mad world

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    I did meet my ex wife on POF, but other than that I have never had any luck...Yeah I just dont understand why people think it is okay to be so fake. Heck why mess with peoples feelings. Just be honest and do your thing...

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    hi, family here wanting to know if you found your connection. I would love to talk since we are interested in your post. I am the woman and thought if might be nice to talk first to see if theres any friendship chemistry.