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    It seems that there is quite a bit to get frustated about when trying to find the sister-wife who understands and wants to truly be a part of a Poly Family.  I'm no expert here...but I don't think in the past Polyamy had anything do to with the wife or sister-wife being BI???  If you are BI...I'm not judging you...that's your thing...but I don't think it's biblical either. 
    We are looking for a sister wife that understand she has an equal part in the family and her equal time with the husband who is the head of our house. He loves us both equally, yet individually. My sister-wife is supposed to be my best friend (not sex partner, my sex partner is my husband) and we can enourge each other and enjoy having a wonderful family with lots of children if that  is what we agreed to. 
    I also wonder why...if you are a couple or you are a single man or woman...IF YOU ARE SERIOUS,

    WHY not post a picture???  
    Why not reply...even if it is short.

    I think some people believe that because you are on the internet....common sense and courtesy is thrown out the door.

    Just my thoughts.


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    She is probably a sweet, gentle, kind, attractive young woman that just wants what she has asked for. Literally one in a million! Or may be not!!

    It seems that those of us that believe in plural marriage have become a prime target for scammers, as it appears to be seen that if you believe in plural marriage you must be both stupid, desperate and sexually frustrated. (How is that possible if a man has plural wives?) It seems that the key problem is that people on sites such as this continually place plural marriage in a sexual context rather than a family setting with a willingness to bring the right person into our homes to both share with and support all within.

    Its not about sex!

    If it is then you are probably on the wrong site!

    I believe more respect needs to be shown for our beliefs and for the plural families that already exist, they are worthy of honor and we should take the lead in giving it in the way we present ourselves on sites like this. 

    The fact is, scammers will continue to do their thing but perhaps it is us that need to pick up our act and go back to presenting plural marriage as both honorable and decent. Is it not true that when we advertise, the people that respond, respond to our presentation.

    Just a suggestion; Why not ask for a photo of the person with a personal message on a piece of paper held by the person. If they are real, they will comply. if not they just can't.

    It seems that "catfish" is a little like "flying pigs" just easier on your neck. 

    Or maybe I am just being harsh.  

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    Bored men posing as women more than likely. I think the ones that actually show up are hoping you won't notice they don't match picture. I think it's stupid.

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    I just don't see the point?  Except, maybe they are so desperate for positive attention that any romantic attention, even if it is a lie, is better than their life now?


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    There are 3 women on this site aside from this one that I have talked to. They are playing games and haven't asked for money. They are either antipolygamists seeking to discourage couples or they just like the attention. I have yet to meet anyone that their pictures line up with what they actually look like when you arrive at the airport. I guess I am just shallow or something.

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    That isn't to say that hopeful souls are not contacting "her" via PM.


    But Catfishing is not related to fishing, it is related to fakery.  This type of post is dripping with it.


    When something looks too good to be true......

    I am waiting for someone to confirm a) She video calls and b) She doesn't ask for money.

    Then I will eat my words and publicly apologise but I am sure that I am right.


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    I caught that many people had read but not responded.  Is catfish a reference to fishing

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    Welcome to land of Catfish, where we are all completely gullible.

    Not a virgin also?  I would have thought you might throw that in there at least.

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    This place is a good place to drop in once and a while for a good laugh. Kinda reminds me of watching the squirrels in my yard

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    You know maybe in future you might consider not using the email that links to your vast porn site account commentary?