Advice for men seeking a 2nd wife

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Advice for men seeking a 2nd wife

Take what wisdom you can from this video. All I will add is that every time a girl has fallen for me I didn't even know she existed and was just doing the voodoo that I do



I just watched this Video. Watching it through my eye's as Me Being a Mother of 4 Adult Kids.
3 Of them are Men. Plus my Son in law.
I really REALLY Wish I could NOT LIKE THIS Lol
But He has Some Very VERY Good Point's !
As I Believe and as I have raised even my Daughter. Is Watch how someone Treats there Mom & Or Dad , siblings , People around them.
Never go for the "Easy" Female's ( at least thats my understanding in the Video is)
And He is Correct ! I would Suffer so much If my Son's or Daughter Went thru. This !!
It's Fine to have Friend's ! OF COURSE !
But you don't want These Type's of Female's ( And Occasionally Male's) to be in your Family.
Meaning Female's that Just Want Want Want like he says. It Amazes me That There are Soo many Female's that Do this ! As they are NASTY !!
If a Man were to do the Same exact thing to any one of these Female's Wow
Considering my Last post and The Ridiculous Post from another Of this Type of "Female" to me. She is the Spitting Image Of this "Type"
OF "Female's"
As a Mother and Young Grandmother ( Myself)
If any of my Granddaughters or my Daughter Were Anything like this My Heart would Break. Of course I would try to Help them Remember, what would they feel or Do if There Brothers or Cousins or Any Family were to do this to any person The that these Types of Female's do . Is this how you want your Life to be ?
Of course Not !!
At least the Only "Female's" That ARE Even.Around me . Are the this Site and I have the Power to Banish them from my life ! :-)
As long as I understood this video Correctly , as much as I want to say B.S. To this Guy.
I cannot , He IS Correct !

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Can be a bitter pill. But it's best to swallow it and live in the real world we have to survive in

Psalm 144:1  Blessed be Yahweh my strength, which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight

A Bitter Pill


Yes , It can be very Bitter But ONLY to those Kind of "Female's"
I had no idea that There were this many Female's that are like this out there.
Notice They Are NOT Married either lol
If by Chance they are we all know no matter how "Loud and Obnoxious " They are they can NEVER Be Truly Happy Obviously The Man will never be able to ...
I am and NEVER Have been and I Taught my Adult Kids Well and The People my Husband and I Ever have around us Are Not Anything like Those types of People .
There maybe people that are not Going like what I am Posting But I am Posting about myself and My Family and our Friend's. ( Obviously In person Friends )
And We all Truly Thought That those types of Female's are Only a Few and Far Between . As they are So Translucent as to what NOT to be ! :-)
I know that as a Female that I have a Certain Place and so Does My Husband. Why Try to Be the Same as Each other ? We All have Extremely Important Roles in our Families . It's Called a Healthy & Happy Family unit.
Were no one would ever even Remotely even welcome These Type's of "People" and Trust that No one is going to want to sit and Look at some Wierdo's Nasty Disgusting Self made Porno LOL
So if these Type's of "Female's "
Are what Men are Seeing more Often than Not !
That is Horrible ! I Need to Visit With my Son's again about these Female's . Trust I raised Men not To be Walked on or To Walk over but to do there thing ( Meaning Education, Work , Enjoy life ,)
And That Love Comes along the way that she wants to also lift him up and Walk Arm and Arm with My Son and my Son's to be her Protecter But She is not one to Put him in that Situation either just because she has low self-esteem or Cause well she was Abused( before my Son) and needed his Attention.
The Female's that are Shown on this Video and a Couple on this site Really Will Never be mentally Stable enough to have A First Extremely Happy and Serious Long term ( I mean Eternity ) Relationship as there already Having there eye's on " Other People"
So for me Theres no Bitter Pill. :-)
But Lol I Believe that the Female's that we are talking about Would Choke on that "Bitter Pill"
Idk why they do this to them selves and to ANYONE They Try to get away with it.... Awful , Nasty One's !
Trust me There are Alot of Good Female's out there ! Just be VERY careful !