where can we find help?

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where can we find help?

people are active on here.....we posted a topic...people read it.  We are very serious in needing advice.  No one will give any.  I am very surprised that no one wants to give their input good or bad on polygamy.  The only message we received was what seemed like spam from a womna that clearly did not read about us.  We aren't looking for sex or another spouse at this point.  

Can anyone answer these questions:

1.  How can we talk with polygamist famlies to get insight on what is working and not working for them?


2.  For the sister wives...what is the first best advice you can give Lindsey?


3.  for the hubsands...what is the first best advice you can give Sam?


4.  If we decide we want to open our family up to another spouse where is the best place to go to "meet" people?


5.  Does anyone live in the bible belt and practice polygamy?


6.  Is polygamy better than polyamoury or vice versa?


Thank you all!

Trying not to be rude Lindseynsam


I don't think you will find help here. I could be misreading your posts but it seems you're looking for a cross between polygyny polyamorous and polyandry. But I wish you the best of luck in getting the help you're seeking

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Info and Advice


1. Since it is illegal they are not easy to find. If you are active in the polygamous communities for long enough then you will start to run into real polygamists.

2. Don't do it. It is very hard.

3. Don't do it. It is vary hard.

4. It is not easy, especially if you are not in a culture that supports it. The families that I know that are successful they were recruited from friends or doing ministry together.

5. Yes.

6. You definitely should not proceed unless you are sure about this question. If we ignore the moral issues and just approach it from a practical point you should understand what the difference is between the two and then you will be clearer about what the pros and cons are to the two.