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Cam and love4lif

Normally I would argue with you but you aren't worth me losing my peace of mind over. You 2 have been on here for a bit over a week and you trash talk the site. You lecture people about treating others how you want to be treated then attack me with lies. You hijacked a forum that says remain on topic. Anyone that knows me knows you are lying. Since I have no clue what either of you use for an email it would be impossible for me to email you. In either case I refuse to engage in your games. You claim to be Christian but you are not acting like Christ at all. I am sure the admins can check and see that the ISP's are different. I am pretty sure you both former members here to cause trouble. For the sake of all please grow up.



 I could careless.. this is the first big coincidence I have ever witenessed in my life..
But I believe in God so I don't believe in coincidence's.. say what you want, think what you want.
I don't care, I have more important matters to attend to, it would be wise of us to just stay away from each other because nothing you say will make me think otherwise, and where the heck did I talk bad about this site.


The devil believes in God


You need to be born again. You also need to grow up. You falsely accused me but you are not man enough to admit it. But I couldn't care less about what you think. Perhaps you need to pray and let God show you that you are the liar?

"I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ."