racism in the old laws regarding plural marriage.

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racism in the old laws regarding plural marriage.

anyone ever consider the fact that racism and religious intolerance are the main reasons behind the old bigamy statutes? i mean several native nations, the mormons, and the chinese all were posing a real threat to W.W.A.S.P. power and status. it seems that they were lumped together and persecuted for some reason, what could it be? Maybe because of religion?maybe so because they were all outsiders and ripe for conversion. After all,those elected officials couldnt just go to their constituents and argue for the rights of people who for the most part weren't part of the federal government, could they? during a period of outright warfare against anyone who stood against Empire and Union?the argument that the bigamy laws were meant to protect the family was actually subterfuge protect the honor of the wives and children of a bunch of irish(yes at one time a very real Anti-Irish immigration movement siezed the country!) bigamists who abandoned their families for new wives in their new homeland were the perfect scapegoats for another round of xenophobia in American politics. Oops! getting late ... more later!

Racism in anti polygamy laws


Check out Marthan Ertman's study into this:


The title is "Race Treason: The Untold Story Of America's Ban On Polygamy."

It's rather long, but well worth persevering with. Fascinating, and horrifying. *Warning: contains some examples of 19th century satire which would probably be illegal today.

Good Article


Just because UTAH wanted to become a state is why we have these issues. Plus who cares what two or more consenting adults do in the privacy of their own bedroom. 

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