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Seeking Sisterwife

Hi im Michaela. I am 19 will be 20 in sept. I am bisexual, poly, in kink, and from Omaha Nebraska. I am partnered with my wonderful man Cory and we are searching for another female too add too our relationship. She dose not have to be bisexual like me though as i would like to have a family more then sex. I know it may seem weird but id rather have a friend and sister wife more than having sex and a threesome, as i said i would like a family.

About Us:

As i said I am 19 will be 20 in september and he is 29 will be 30 in august. He is straight and im bisexual. We are both huge nerds. We play all sorts of games from board games to card games to video games and more. We both like to be outdoors but dont get too as much because of our schedules. I myself love to bake, cook, do crafts (especially weaving), archery, shop, read, and more. Cory likes to cook, watch movies, read (when he gets time), play with our two cats, and more. We are both open minded people and do not judge. As i mentioned above we have two cats who names are Lady Cakes and Patches, they are brother and sister and are our babys. We live in a house together, have a car, and good jobs and are stable. He is more dominate and im a switch but lean into more of submissive. To basically describe me as a switch my sub side is a sub with a little side of 4-6 years old with a bit of a bratty side and my domme side is more mommy domme. Him though he is dominate and dosent like being submissive. But just keep i mind we are not looking for sex we are looking for someone to be in a relationship with. We just like to lay everything out on the table so everyones on the same page. We do not have any kids but will eventually want to have kids. 

If you are intrested in us please hit us up. As i said you dont have to be bisexual as we go on personality more than looks. When you talk to us ill have us in a group chat so go ahead and message. As i said we arent people that judge so no worries there. We arent swingers just so thats clear. I have attached a pics of us below. Feel free to ask any questions thanks.

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I’m a 24 year old bi female also looking for something serious and hopefully a family. I think we share some interests and would love to hear more from you. 

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We are a couple seeking send us a msg.