Searching for a faithful wife

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Searching for a faithful wife

Im not sure where to start. For the last few years since ive started dating i havent managed to find who i was looking for, but instead i found what i was looking for through my personal faith, and that is a family with sisterwives.

With that said the idea is not new to me, but actually stepping into these waters is new to me. I find myself at 25, and feeling ready to begin my family. I realize i may come across to some people as strange because of my appearance (tattoos aplenty), but i accredit that to my generation and where i came from (and currently reside) Portland, Oregon.

Im aware of the intricacies of a serious relationship and whats important to make it work. Honesty, faith, loyalty, and trust are key. I think of myself as a diamond in the rough right now. Im hopeful to find the one(s) that can chisel me into perfection and start a family with.

If you have any questions or suggestions to improve my personal please post. I appreciate any constructive advice, wisdom, or criticism.

Im very willing to relocate. Ive been in this city my whole life and i welcome a change of pace, and a big family to love and care for.

I love indoor and outdoor activities alike, and ive been wanting to do a lot more things that arent possible in the city.

You can text me at 503 563 3316

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Text me 912 272 2758

Brandy dixon