Any real sane families out there?

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Any real sane families out there?

It does not seem like it, but I'm trying to remain positive. Would love to find the right family, come out, come out, wherever you are!



yes - there definitely are sane families out here, and while they may seem like some mythical creature, I'm sure you'll find just the right family for you.

Just don't give up hope.

Neo (not verified)
sane? sane? SANE????



you are wanting polygamy... is that sane?

the more people you add the more insane it gets

HeatherMarie (not verified)


Sometimes I wonder the same thing! I've read some personal ad's from families that are downright rude, or even scary.

There are some sane families out there - us included - that would love to find the right sisterwife! Just keep the faith - the second you STOP looking for the right family, they'll come knocking on your door! =)

Good Luck!

Our post is it rude?? Hope not


We I'm not sure what your considering rude, but we like to know more about you.......... We look forward to getting to know you.

HennHonn (not verified)
Wanting more


henry johnson, we are looking for the right lady to join our family so if you want to know more about our family then please email us back and we can chat, our email address is


searching ourselves


trying to to find real person ourselves not much luck yet must not be looking in the right place yet, trying not to give up. if you would like to chat sometime let us know we might have things in common.

happily married 23 years thats not going to change looking to find sisterwife to complete us.

familylife101 (not verified)
Real vs. Fake


It's hard to know up front a lot of times who is real who is not but we think it will be worth it in the long run to find the sister wife who will become family. One would almost think with the few sites there are that we would all have found our matches within those sites by now. We wish everyone still trying to find their match the best and to not give up if you've been led on by gamers and fakes. There must still be a few real people left looking for good families. Ours is one of them :)

New to this


I'm new to this, but someone was telling me about this whole having multi wives thing. I love sister wives and ever since I watched that show i'm like oh my gosh i could so see my self doing this. I don't like a man to be around me all the time. Yes I do get jealous from time to time but I just don't like to be around a man all the time, and i like to have real true freinds around. I see how the ladies are on sister wives, I would like to no that my only lil girl is being taken care of. I don't belive in forcing into marriages. I don't no much about all this I just dont like what i saw on some movies about forcing the lil girls into marriage don't no what belief that is. But i love the idea of having a hubby and "sister wives" cause i can't have No more kids i'm like the meri of the family .. located in Tennessee.

Married in Tennessee...seeking 2nd wife


Hello....we are in West Tennessee and are new to the lifestyle too. We also can not have more children. Would love to get to know you better. Please call or text 731-441-5550 as we have to use public computers since high speed is not in our area. Sandy and Matt

dexter8244 (not verified)


26, 29 Married couple here with an 11 month old boy. We are as sane as it gets when it comes to finding a second wife.. which is our limit btw so you would complete us and wed live happily ever after if your the one.

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sane family here


We are a happily married couple for 16 yrs he is 33 she is 40 We don`t carry drama we left that in high school. We have one daughter that is 4 yrs old We laid back family that enjoys the simple things in life. We are very kind and giving as well as compassionate.If any of this interestes you our email is

We are a secure family that enjoy the simple things in life, we aren`t complicated very easy to get along with. We have a wonderful toddler and would like to add to our great family. A sister wife and kids everything.We are non judgmental

We are right here


Hello, I dont know who is sane on here but us lol. We are a couple looking for the right woman to join us. We are in W. Tennessee. Hope to hear back from you if you are interested, Matt and Sandy 731-441-5550

would like to talk


we are an older couple. We had 6 children and now have 10 beautiful grandchildren.We are looking for a sister wife to help us keep our loving family growing.If you are interested in talking please email us

We're as sane as they come.


We're as sane as they come. :)

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Hello From MI


My husband & I are 24 years of age. We have two boys amazing boys. I am in search for a great person for our family as well as friendships for support. Someone who is down to earth, loves kids, and is willing to share all the things we enjoy doing together, please feel free to email me if still on the search at

All Good Things To Those Who Wait

We are as about as normal as it gets i think.


We saw your post and can relate. We have said the same exact thing as we have been trying to find a sisterwife. We are a couple that lives in the country in rural western Idaho. If your interested we would love to hear more about you and tell you more about us. If you want you can email us directly at Hope to hear from you soon. :)

young but fun...serious & sane


We live in the bay are ca. We are looking for a young lady to join our family. We both have successful careers and have a home to welcome you into. We are African American. Forst time plural family. Do not yet have children.

Interested In Learning More About You


Please take a moment to read over our profile.  We are a very loving and fun couple MF that really enjoy life. We are very serious about this "Life" and have been looking for the perfect female to complete our family for over 2 years.   We've grown & just really want to get to the point where we can start going on vacations with this woman & simply enjoy life.  We really would like to get to know more about you.  Let us know if you're interested?  -Theo



We are sane-ish lol. About as sane as one can be with 3 kids and fighting the good fight daily. Id like a sister wife to share this life and my husband with.


Would love to get to know you


My husband and I are looking for a christian woman to complete our family.  The Bible says a cord of three is not easiy broken.  We have four young children, and would welcome and love more children.  If you would like to know more about us, message me or email me at

Thanks, Sylvia



Happy New year.

We are sane and real. We have asked the same question as You!

So, what is your journey?


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We are a sane family looking


We are a sane family looking for a sister wife. Care to tell me more about you and what you are seeking?

love your sense of humor!


Interested in chatting with you.  I have PM'ed you.

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Just when it seems it can't get goofier here


It does

Psalm 144:1  Blessed be Yahweh my strength, which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight



I noticed that Neo responded to the original post! LOL> I think he got banned just after that. 2011. He was a funny guy. I actually met up with him up in Fairbanks in 2012. He actually succeeds quite well in poly. One of the VERY few I've met that it has worked for.

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Amazin, ain't it? 6 + years and counting


As far as Neo, Had many an interesting chat with the man but never met him. Traditionally minded guy who is a poly success, while many wanna bees attacked his beliefs like a pack of jackals 

Psalm 144:1  Blessed be Yahweh my strength, which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight