Where should we look?

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Where should we look?

We are new to the site. We are a white couple in our 30's and we live in Texas. We have been interested in a sister wife for some time now, But we have no idea where to look. How should we approach a woman? We own our own small business and we can travel if needed but we would not even have an idea of where to go. We have had no luck here local. It seem like anyone we talk to here has the wrong idea of what this relationship should be.. We are not interested in the New Age Poly kind of relationships. Any suggestions?? Advice???

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Poly means so many things to everyone. Just like any relationship it can happen anywhere and it takes time. Jason's Mel

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It would be easier if the singles that come here (and other sites) and post that they want to find someone would actually RESPOND to a stinking message in reply to their post. lol Really not referring to this site we are registered on a poly "dating" site and out of 10 plus messages a week sent we have not even had a profile view. lol Oh well what ever!

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I am also new and I am learning alot



First go to chat here and meet people and read the members page hope that help.