Jump on Board a Positive Polygamy Documentary!

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Jump on Board a Positive Polygamy Documentary!

TLC/Discovery is producing a very different documentary show! This show aims to repair the damage done by the media on polygamy. Unfortunately, the media has caused so much harm to the polygamous community, that we think the only way to get the masses & government to reevaluate their opinion on polygamy is to use the media to reverse the stereotype. The show is being done to help dismantle the negative stereotypes by demystifying polygamy in a true, beautiful and honest manner. We are planning to do a very different take on this show. We want to give an observational, respectful portrait of those involved in polygamy. We will not have an interviewer; we want to give the subject free reign to show us anything they want, and voice their story in their terms. We want to advocate the importance of freedom of religion and the honor of all kinds of lifestyles. Our biggest priority is to make sure this show would not negatively impact the participant in any way. Safety and confidentiality is most important to us. If you are interested in this show, in hopes of shedding a more respectful, true light on this matter, email us at casting@pinksneakers.net.

most people...


Do not trust media. Most people, like myself, feel that journalism in America is dead.

Most of us have seen requests and found that those acting on them were often disappointed after being maligned.

There might be some out there who feel differently about this...good luck finding them.

I do not EVER plan on working with the media again. The best interests of journalism USED to be the TRUTH. Now, it is ratings. That means someone ELSE's interests guide their efforts...not mine, not the truth.

So I will, again, PASS on this.

Journalism is a dead profession. Better reading can be found in a comic book.

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Sorry, Charlie


No trust fund built up, here. We do not need you or want you