Reminder: Big Love Season 4 Debuts This Sunday Jan 10, 2010

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Reminder: Big Love Season 4 Debuts This Sunday Jan 10, 2010

Quick reminder that Big Love Season 4 starts this Sunday.

Things we can look forward to:

Bill Running for Public Office
Margie and her Jewelry
The Family Fun Center and Casino the Henricksons have opened
Nikki and her long lost Daughter
Where is Roman?? We know he is dead, but where is his body?
Alby doing Alby things
Cash..... can you say CASH??

And the list goes on.

If anyone out in our 4TheFamily family would like to write a review of each episode, it would be very much appreciated.


Hand Of Gold
Review at 4:00 AM EST


Now I know that when someone has died, there is supposed to be sadness, respect, and soberness. But I was laughing so hard at the parity of whose got the dead body. The exchange between Alby and nikki, Laura with the secret beer fridge. Watch next for who has the hat that rules the world? What a hoot. The meeting of Alby and his (only in town on business) buddy out side the trust meeting, Bill looks wonderfully in his own world. Adeline was just over cooked but a delight to behold. The dynamic between Barb, Nikki, Margie, Bill, and the partners sorry the comedy may have distracted me a bit.

The casino opening, sort of a side show trying to pull us back to the serious activities going on. The meeting with the trusty and all his advisers from the "community".

Don't forget what Nicki's daughter has in store for her mother?

We will be watch that one very very closely

I have not enjoyed an episode so much in a long time. We done guys, well done.

I plan on enjoying next weeks episode, if only to see who gets the hat.