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SLC Tribune Op-ed: Amend Utah constitution to decriminalize polygamy


"...most polygamists are in mutually consenting adult relationships and loving families. They should, like the rest of us, be presumed innocent until proven guilty of anything — not considered felons outright merely because of their voluntary family arrangement."
Read more: http://www.sltrib.com/opinion/3742292-155/op-ed-amend-utah-constitution-...

New Server

Updated everything! Brand new server (4 core CPU, more RAM, tons more space and backup) which translates into bigger, better, faster.
This also means I'll be able to look at other chat room options that may integrate into the site better.

So there's some good news for the day. :)

Acceptance Of Polygamy Has More Than Doubled In America

The Gallup poll found that acceptance of polygamy has more than doubled, going from seven percent acceptability to 16 percent since 2001. But for some reason, in 2006, acceptance for the lifestyle reached an all-time low with only five percent considering it “morally tasteful.” That same year, HBO’s Big Love premiered, about a man and his three wives, and just four years later TLC’s Sister Wives started its run, so maybe Americans just need TV shows to kill any hang-ups they have. Read the rest here: Acceptance Of Polygamy Has More Than Doubled In America

Season 6 of Sister Wives


Season 6 of Sister Wives is well underway and this week they are finishing up a road trip with a stop in Montana. They are going to meet the Collier family, a guy with two wives, in Montana. It still surprises and amazes me we have this on TV, as ten years ago I never would have thought this day would come. Big Love, Sisterwives, Polygamy USA, My Five Wives, and a special on the Darger Family, Love Times Three, have all started a movement to take us "out of the polygamy closet". Sister wives airs on TLC on Sunday Nights. If you can't watch, record:) and show our support. They are changing perception and laws!

And Utah Decides to Fight Back


In a somewhat zippy, yet not unexpected twist, the State of Utah has decided to appeal the almost year old ruling decriminalizing polygamy.

One of many articles


For a clear, and deep read into the move by the State of Utah, Jonathan Turley's blog is it. He is the Brown family's lawyer and a professor. Eloquently written, this is the best description out there on the process.



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